September 19

Hey There Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! :-)

Today's Activity: Today we're kicking off our first unit; Beowulf. Now, scholars argue that Beowulf is the FIRST documented superhero akin to those in Marvel or the DC Universe. He goes on quite a few quests, encounters some larger than life foes, and... well I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

Homework: Prologue Questions

P.S. Hope you paid attention- we may have a QUIZ later this week!

September 20

Non Meeting Day

September 21

Yay It's Wednesday!

Today's Activity: What if an epic was to be written about you?? What would YOUR prologue talk about?

Homework: Finish Your Personal Prologue

September 22

Non Meeting Day

September 23

Hooray for Friday!

Today's Activity: What are qualities that make up a hero? Let's Investigate this further as Beowulf Is about to meet his first foe, Grendel!

Homework: Complete Beowulf Section 1 Questions