January 31

Today's Activity: Before we jump Into our next unit, I thought we could examine some nonfiction. :-)


February 1

Non Meeting Day

February 2

Today's Activity: We've reached one of my all-time favorite units....Shakespeare!!!

I was a bit of a nerd in high school (surprised?!). I can remember sitting in my English class reading Shakespeare and being able to "translate it" like I had known this language my entire life! This is by far a result of my mom reading Shakespeare to her tummy while pregnant with me. Weird right!? Needless to say when I started taking English courses in college, I was naturally drawn to every one that was about The Bard! I am absolutely thrilled to be teaching one of his most famous Tragedies. . . Romeo + Juliet. We have a few presentations of information to get through so...when taking notes, please do not write things verbatim (word for word). Look for keywords and phrases!


February 3

Non Meeting Day

February 4

Today's Activity: We're jumping into MACBETH! I hope you enjoy It!

Remember, you WANT to sign up for a part!

Homework: Complete Act 1, Scenes 1-3 task