September 21

It's Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! :-)

Be sure to join us on Google Meet during our designated class period.

Today we starting the process of applying to colleges. Up first is completing brag sheets and asking for Letters of Recommendation.

Homework: Send those email requests! Be sure to BCC me!

September 22

Non AVID Meeting Day

September 23

YAY Virtual Wednesday!

We will be meeting for a brief Google Meet.

**Remember, our DO NOW's count as attendance. Be sure to do them!

Today's Activity: A good habit to get into is PROOF-READING your work. Most of the time silly mistakes are made and points (or credibility) is lost because you neglected to take the time to proofread! We're going to practice your proofreading skills with the attached task.

Homework: Complete the proofreading practice if you did not finish in class.

September 24

Hello! Let's Google Meet today.

Today's Activity: Time to tackle the College Essay!

Homework: Complete the Essay Compare/Contrast task.

September 25

Non AVID Meeting Day